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Saturday, October 27, 2007


The California wildfires are still blazing, yet I must move forward through Alice In Wonderland's rabbit hole...

With HALLOWEEN fast approaching what was your FAVE HALLOWEEN CELEBRITY COSTUME??? I loved doing what I did best, WONDER WOMAN! Doing??? YES, I did very minor publicity work as Wonder Woman for the Hollywood Look-A-Like Actor's Agency. So here is my FAVE HALLOWEEN CELEBRITY COSTUME...

Lynda Carter would say what in the HELL did she do??? My talent agent would say she signed autographs & jumped around like a SUPER HERO!!!

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DesignsbyCK said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Great costume Lyndy, or is it a costume?! LOL ;)

You made a HOT WW, yours kicked Lynda Carter's to the curb! Lyndy you should post this pic in Ehag!

LOVE the blog and what ambient music you have on your blog, very soulful/spiritual...I am asumming this frames your mindset right now with the firestorm goings on!

Hope all continues to fare well in your corner of the world and take care!

You are such a wonderful friend!!!

Happy Halloween Always! :)

Your fave vamp,

Random York said...

Wow Lyndy! I could almost cut and paste the same message Chris left- you look fabulous in this pic! Yes- and the music is very cool (so far it's almost word-for-word Chris' message). I so glad you stared a blog too- It feels good to have our EHAG pals commenting on our blogs- I really value the comments from our peculiar "family" of artists!
I hope you are out of the fire's direction now.
I look forward to reading your posts and watching your art!!
Happy Halloween! John

Witchy-Poodle-Art said...

Hubba HUBBA, Lyndy! I bet Tom has that picture in a 4'x6' size, right over the fireplace!


Todaysgold said...

THANK YOU Chris, John & Becky. It's nice to know we are all enjoying our Blogging adventures together.

Chris, I think I'll just keep my personal posts & thoughts on my Blog. I loved being Wonder Woman!!!

John, I think you have a wonderful following on your Blog site. Lots of 'Hotties' want your mind & your heavenly body...

Becky, Tom had commissioned a semi nude 'Cat Woman Character' pen & ink drawing of me by an amazing comic book artist & it's hanging in his office. It's pretty risqué... Not my cup of brew... But he loves it!

(((((Halloween Hugs & Chocolate Kisses))))), Lyndy

Carolee said...

Love the music, Lyndy! Great costume too, and may I just say how jealous I am of your killer figure? LOL....

~ Carolee

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Oh my goodness Lyndy, you put Linda Carter to shame! va va va voom (sorry I deleted my awful typos from my last comment)

DesignsbyCK said...