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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


By Lyndy Ward
Halloween magick was the ambrosia just before midnight,
A hush fell over the frolickers while watching the hand of slight,
Disappearing witches reappeared as black cats,
Ghouls & goblins shrinking into spiders then flying away as bats.

Oh what fun & laughter we all had,
Our journey home was happy mixed with sad,
Yet remembering tomorrow brings another day,
Filled with more reasons to beckon Halloween to stay...

*Sweet Halloween & Magickal Dreams*

*Sepia tone photo of my new precious black kitty cat MAGICK. My Halloween gift from my sweet hubby Count Tomula.

*Magick's OOAK Wizard Hat is one of my SPOOKTACULAR Halloween gifts from one of my dearest friends Becky Federico. Check Out: Federico Fantasy Art

© 2007 Todaysgold Publications ~ All Rights Reserved ~


Witchy-Poodle-Art said...

Well done sepia effect on your beautiful kitty! And thank you for the compliment!



Hi Becky, thanks for your kind remarks. I just love my sweet kitty. Your artwork always makes me smile. Halloween may have past, but it's Halloween time every day here with all my SPOOKTACULAR OOAK artwork.

Magickally Yours, Lyndy

vintagepaletteart said...

Adorable pic Lyndy! How purrfect is her little witchy hat too! =o)



Hi Lori, thanks for your kind comments. Isn't Magick adorable! He is such a Sorceress's little familiar too... He will be kissing me & suddenly he'll start chasing sprites & spirits. You know what I mean, cats have that sixth sense especially black cats.

Yes, Becky sure can create lovely OOAK Halloween art. Lori, your art is also very original. You always have something really OOAK SPOOKTACULARLY different. That's what makes your art stand out.

May you always have Magic &/or Magick in your art filled life, Lyndy

DesignsbyCK said...

Great pic of Magick Lyndy! Love Becky's hat and the sepia tone!!

Chris :)


Hi Chris, Magick sends kitty kisses... He is such a delight! DeVille our black German Shepherd loves him almost as much as I do. DeVille licks & cuddles him just like he was her baby.

Becky's artwork is always wonderfully whimsical. I'm blessed to have so many special artist friends in our inner magickal circle.

Thanks for your generous & spooky cool art gifts too, eventually I'll get all my gifts together for a special PICs Blogspot!

Oh, the sepia effect was all Magick's trick. READY or NOT, he simply jumped on my computer & entered the sepia color I was working on.

Halloween Hugs Always, Lyndy

DesignsbyCK said...

Lyndy, I think a pic gallery of your OOAK art on your blog would be really cool!

AND who knew Magick has an inner artist?! LOL '-)

Have a great week!



Hi Chris, I'm trying to find just the right PIC/album to leave at the top of my Blog. Then I could down load PICs with titles. AND also add more albums on other topics like the Celebrity Look-A-Like Halloween party I went to. ANY album suggestions? Does Blogspot have photo albums we can down load?

Yes, Magick really does have an inner artist. He just finished a new artwork he calls 'Paper Towel Confetti'!

Kitty Bumps & Licks, Lyndy

DesignsbyCK said...

Hey Lyndy,

I don't know if Photobucket has an album option...will have to check into could have a rotating slideshow on the top of your blog and switch out pics as needed...this is what I do with my eBay ME page. Will keep you posted on the album option later on today!

BTW: I have a really COOL "Candy Cane Cats" PC going on eBay later on today/tonight! '-)



Hi Chris, I was thinking about that revolving photo album too... Just need to take the photos & decide on how to title them. I'm sure once I start doing this more & more I'll get the hang of it. Right now it takes forever & a day because I was the buyer/collector so I didn't have to upload anything. Now with the writing of my artbook, I'm photo inventorying everything as well.

We just hired the most fabulous creative designer for the artbook's page layout. AND we will be sending her a new PowerBook G4 with all the Bells & whistles so we can converse instantly on the Internet. I've decided to name this awesome creative designer on the artbook's website very soon...

Darling CANDY CANE CATS... AND if you missed my other post(s) on my Blog to you: Some of what I mentioned was about a photo I have that might be suitable for one of your 'Celeb Type Portraits' accept you would need to change my Tiger Girl costume into a Black Cat... It's mostly all there, we'll talk details later privately in an email...

(((((GREAT BIG HUGS & LOVE))))), Lyndy

DesignsbyCK said...

Thanks Lyndy on the Candy Cane Cats PC. I am getting SO excited about your forthcoming book, looking forward to more details!!!

PS: I posted on the other thread about the possible portrait. Sounds good! :)

PPS: There is a title option in Photobucket for slideshows.



Hi Chris, I'm excited too... Finally the art book's website: will be up & running before the end of this year. Maybe even before Christmas. It's a flash site so it's really FANTASTIC & very MAGICKAL.

I've only been collecting 'Halloween OOAK Black Cat Art Work' for a year & a half. So it's coming along PURRRRRRRRFECTLY in such a short time. I'll write a blog with more details soon...